Tracey Westell

Director, Pecunia (2016) Limited and CICM Committee Member

Tracey has worked in credit management for over 28 years and has built up a wealth of experience in many industry sectors including blue chip, public and private sectors.

An active member of the Kent Branch CICM and winner of the Business Woman of the Year award in 2018, Tracey is a passionate advocate of credit management and can been seen on the networking circuit giving a variety of talks on managing credit and cashflow. Tracey is keen to help businesses of all sizes manage credit and maximise cash collection efficiently and professionally in an increasingly challenging business environment. 

Session Details

How Good Credit Management can Improve DSO (Days Sales Outstanding), Cashflow and Profitability

Workshop Room B -  John Hendry Hall: 11.30am - 12.00pm
The workshop will provide an insight into the world of Credit Management and how important this undervalued area is in business.
Tracey will try to remove the taboo of cash flow, explain why credit management is not a back-office function and how best practice credit management can improve financial performance.
You will learn about the comprehensive range of training and Ofqual regulated qualifications that have become the recognized standard in the credit profession and how to equip your staff with the professional skills they need to support their career development in credit management.
Benefits of attending this session:
  • Improve your knowledge of what credit management is and how to improve your cashflow to give you more financial freedom in the future.
  • Understand why training is so important and that investing in your staff development is a short-term cost for a long-term benefit.  
  • Discover how a career in credit management offers varied, interesting and exciting work and puts you firmly at the heart of the business.

Event Countdown:

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