Sean Henry

Economic Development Business Centre Coordinator, Maidstone Borough Council

Manages The Business Terrace in Maidstone, building a supportive business community with public-private partnerships to help businesses start and grow. He has written for Office Genie on the future of office space. His previous roles were in housing, politics and the charity sector.


Session Details

Starting up: Avoiding pitfalls, asking for help, making it a success.

Start Up Flash Briefings - Clive Emson Building: 9:50am - 10:05am

Think starting a business is easy? Surprisingly many people do. Looking to just get rich quick, you know your field and know you can make money for yourself rather than your boss. Our experts will help you to find the right advice and support and avoid the issues which blight startups and small businesses. With case study Lauren Hampshire to show how you can go from a simple but unique solution to multi-award winning entrepreneur rapidly moving into global markets.

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132d 16h 43m 37s


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