Russell Ward

Author and Sales Expert, Sharp Hush Ltd

Russell is passionate about developing sales teams and has done every sales role. He was a European Sales Director for 11 years, then created and ran Silent Edge Ltd (an International Sales Transformation Company) for 15 years developing the first approach to objectively assessing sales and sales management capability in 2004. 

He has worked with many schools teaching the sixth form how to sell which had a massive impact on their confidence, communication, belief and ability during and after school life.

Russell is the author of High Performance Sales Strategies and now consults with companies to rapidly increase their sales. 

Session Details

The Two Things That Will Ensure Sales Success and Profit

Workshop Room A - Maidstone Hall: 12.30pm - 1.00pm
In the hundreds of sales teams Russell has worked with, most sell on price, not value, which only results in discounts. Most sell product, not solution, which creates no hook with the customer. There is a common theme lacking across them all, and learning it is not complicated, but will transform your sales and profit. 
Benefits of attending this session:
  • Learn how to sell on value not price
  • Learn how to compel a customer to do business with you
  • Learn how to make customers remember you and stand out

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