Natalie Toulson

Regional Digital Director, Reach Plc

Natalie is an experienced Digital Director at Reach Plc, the UK's largest news publisher, with a demonstrated history of working with SMEs to help them grow their businesses specifically through digital marketing.

Session Details

Understanding Content Marketing and How It Can Benefit Your Business

Workshop Room B -  John Hendry Hall: 3.00pm - 3.30pm
The session will run through what Content Marketing is and why SMEs should embrace it. 

We'll be showcasing the benefits to businesses, such as how Content Marketing can help boost customer engagement, increase consumer purchase consideration, build brand advocacy and allows businesses to be creative with their campaign and message.
We will also share case studies on how Content Marketing has helped businesses meet their marketing objectives.
The session's overall aim is to provide insight and guidance on how Content Marketing is a key element in any businesses' marketing mix.
Benefits of attending this session:
  • Find out how Content Marketing can benefit your business
  • Learn how Content Marketing has worked for other businesses
  • Understand how Content Marketing fits in with existing marketing activities

Event Countdown:

132d 16h 43m 37s


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