Linda Garcia

Business Productivity Specialist and Founder, Alluxi Consulting

Linda Garcia is an internationally experienced Business Productivity Specialist with extensive change management and implementation expertise increasing business profitability.  With over 25 years in Management Consultancy, spanning three continents across Europe, the Americas and Southern Africa, she has proven results in many industry sectors including Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Banking, Private Health and Journalism.

Linda works at Executive Board level diagnosing and defining business needs, down to front line supervisory levels, designing and implementing management systems in parallel with delivering leadership development workshops, aligning the whole organisation to the behaviour change required to optimise productivity, and maximise profitability.


Session Details

ROUNDTABLE: How Does Your Business View Productivity?

Roundtable Room - John Hendry Hall: 11.30am - 12.00pm
Join Bruce Kidd and Linda Garcia to view how productivity has an impact on your business. During this fun, interactive session we will explore the true meaning of productivity and the positive impact change can have in the workplace. 
Benefits of attending this roundtable:

  • How to optimise productivity
  • Why both systems and training have an impact on productivity
  • How to manage change in the workplace

Event Countdown:

132d 16h 43m 37s


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