Nina Hunt

Head of Operations, Allteks Ltd

Nina has over 14 years Tech and SaaS experience, partnering SME & Non-Profit organisations across the globe, providing advice, consultancy and technical solutions energizing organisations to rethink the way IT services can be delivered.

As the Head of Operations, Nina is responsible for overseeing client services for the company.  Passionate about providing valuable services that ensure the sustainability of infrastructure, systems, and investments whilst managing the technical aspects of business more effectively to reduce overall costs, minimise risk, and accelerate business continuity.


Session Details

How Your IT Systems Can Help or Hinder GDPR Compliance & Security

Workshop Room B - John Hendry Hall: 11.15am - 11.45am

Are you secure? Are you compliant? Are you in control?

GDPR, security, infrastructure & cloud services are some of the most challenging areas when reviewing your IT systems.  

Our workshop will focus on key areas, so you can relax knowing your organisation and its data are compliant and secure.

Benefits of attending this session:

  • Translating the jargon: A clear understanding on what areas to be compliant
  • Cloud services: How can Office 365 and Cloud backup help with security and compliance
  • Your Staff: Your organisations most vital asset! end user training is key to keeping secure

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