Julian Kirkness

Chairman, The Kent Foundation

Julian has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. Starting a Software business in 1996, he grew it to become a significant supplier in its marketplace and successfully sold the company in 2010.

Since then, wanting to help others achieve success, he joined the Kent Foundation as a volunteer Mentor. When a position on the board became available, he jumped at the chance to get more involved, and became Chairman in 2016.

Julian is also a member of the Kent and Medway Business Fund board, a body responsible for delivering investment and loan funds to growing businesses in the county.

Session Details

Starting, or Growing Your Business – What’s Your Most Valuable Asset?

Clive Emson Building: 10.05am - 10.20am

So you’ve done it! The business idea is planted and you’re off.

It can be a daunting and lonely existence, especially if you’re literally starting on your own. Finding the right support can be one of your most valuable assets to help you through some of the challenges you’ll face along the way.

Business Mentoring can be an invaluable source of reassurance, motivation and experience. Helping you focus on what needs to be done, developing your business, and not being distracted by the less urgent.

Come along and hear why the Kent Foundation really believes in it.

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