David Taylor

Digital Business Coach, DNA Six, on behalf of FSB

David is a digital management consultant with 25 years’ experience of the media, garnered from a career in journalism, in-house media relations, PR, marketing, social media training and consultancy.

David has a proven track record in designing and implementing business strategies to support digital transformation and business growth. 

Co-author of two books on digital marketing and social media he currently helps organisations to meet the challenges and opportunities posed by today's digitally-savvy customers using his trademarked DNAsix® digital business model.

He has run hundreds of digital and social media training courses for thousands of professionals in the UK and abroad.

Session Details

Make Money, Save Money and Stay Relevant in 2018! 

Workshop A - Maidstone Hall: 12.45pm - 1.15pm

An expert on digital marketing and social media, David Taylor will empower you to meet the challenges and opportunities posed by today's digitally-savvy customers.

Like it or not we are in a digital age. Social media, data security, virtual reality, Big Data – the list goes on. Unfortunately many businesses are unprepared; a report last year found 1.6 million SMEs lack basic digital skills. However, doing nothing is not an option. 

The key thing is to have a digital strategy. One which takes into account the changing business landscape and helps you plan for the future, as best you can.

Benefits of attending this session:

David Taylor’s talk can be distilled down to doing three things, really well:

  • Innovating – small businesses should be looking to disrupt, challenge and find new ways of reaching out to customers.
  • Educating – nothing stands still and the pace of change is actually speeding up. So it is vital that you constantly upskill, learn new ways of doing business and bring in bright people to work around you.
  • Relating – business is all about your customer. Who are they and how can you reach them; particularly in today’s multi-channel, digitally-powered world.

To view a preview of David Taylor's session please click here.

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