Darren Fell

CEO & Founder, Crunch.

In 2007, having experienced the many shortfalls of traditional accountancy firms, entrepreneur Darren Fell created a fairly priced, all-inclusive service for freelancers, contractors and small businesses, uniting easy-to-use software with unlimited in-house support. 
Darren steers Crunch's strategy and culture as CEO and is a passionate advocate of entrepreneurialism. This has led to the development of Crunch Chorus, the free community for the self-employed which has helped over 50,000 freelancers, contractors, and small businesses in the UK with free resources and support.
Traditional small business accountancy is broken. Meet Crunch. No appointments. No fuss.
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Session Details

Sole Trader vs Ltd Company - What’s Right for My Business?

Workshop Room A - Maidstone Hall: 12.00pm - 12.30pm

It’s a question all small businesses have to ask themselves – to remain a sole trader or form a limited company? There are differences to each structure, particularly when it comes to tax issues. This session will help you understand each option and decide which is right for you: sole trader or limited company.

Benefits of attending this session:

  • Understand the financial implications
  • Understand the responsibilities that come with each choice
  • What else to consider: flexibility, complexity, credibility and liability

To view an overlook of Darren Fell's session please click here.

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