Christine Locke

Chief Executive Officer, Diversity House

Christine is the CEO of Diversity House (, a charity that she founded in 2007 to address social inequalities that puts people at the edge of their communities. Over the past ten years, she has successfully led the charity, developing and implementing varieties of projects such as community rehabilitation program for offenders, promoting the involvement and participation of disadvantaged women and girls in Kent, among others. 

Christine is a specialist in community development, project management, public health and health promotion, and community cohesion management. 

She has co-authored many publications including "The Learning Alliance Methodology”, "Contributions and Challenges for Intercultural Planning in Health Service Provision – case study in Kent”, and "Cultural Proficiency for Health and Social Care Practitioners”.

Christine holds several Master’s degrees including an MSc in Public Health and Health Promotion, and MA in Community Cohesion.

Session Details

ROUNDTABLE: Women in Retail – Are We Doing Enough?

Roundtable Room - John Hendry Hall: 10.30am - 11.00am

Research reports from the United Kingdom indicates that women account for 60% of employees in retail industry; 85% of all retail purchases are made or influenced by women, and yet, only 20% of executive teams, and just 10% of executive boards are women. Therefore, the roundtable session will explore ways to promote inclusivity, empowerment and flexibility within the retail industry.

Benefits of attending this session:

  • Participants will understand the importance of promoting inclusivity and gender parity in businesses and everyday life
  • Opportunity to interactive and put across one’s own view
  • Contribution to growing debate on gender equality and to United Nation’s talks on sustainable development goals 5

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