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FMCG trained marketer with a chemistry honours degree from Manchester University and a post graduate diploma in business management.  Established and led a successful Digital Agency for 15 years. Closely in touch with new digital developments and passionate about implementing new innovations. Familiar with the challenges of business organisations navigating the fast-changing digital landscape by finding personalized solutions for new entrants, entrepreneurs, SMEs and enterprise customers of all aspects of Internet-based services, including website design, Social Media, Digital Marketing, analytics, web applications and training. Improving business process repeatedly whist keeping the business running at pace.

Digital transformations , Coaching and facilitating  incorporating the partnership of people and technology to get organisations ready to anticipate and act on emerging disruptive future opportunities.

Expertise in a wide variety of business skills areas including Digital and IT, technical, management & business skills, customer service, cultural awareness & diversity and leadership.

Session Details

Google Digital Garage #1 - Building a Digital Marketing Plan

Workshop Room B - John Hendry Hall: 2.15pm - 3.00pm

In just one hour, you'll find out how to build a bespoke digital marketing plan for your small business—and ways to measure its success. You will gain the lowdown on the main digital channels that are available, and the types of goals they can help you achieve. You'll leave with the skills needed to create a practical, realistic digital strategy that works for you, and gets results.

Google Digital Garage #2 - Writing for Social Media

Workshop Room B - John Hendry Hall: 3.15pm - 4.00pm

Finding the right words to describe your business isn't always easy, and it’s even harder when you have limited space or characters. This compact course is great for small business owners or aspiring social media marketers looking to develop their writing skills and produce slicker headlines and ad copy. You'll also develop a tone of voice that means when you talk on social media, your customers will want to listen.

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