Catherine Daw

Head of Employment and HR Services, Brachers LLP

Catherine is a partner at Maidstone Law Firm, Brachers LLP and leads the Employment and HR team.  She has a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of employment law, particularly managing workforce change, workforce restructuring and employee relations issues.  Catherine is skilled at translating complex legal concepts into practical and user friendly guidance which can be applied within organisations.  She works with public sector bodies and the private sector, particularly in areas concerned with healthcare provision, manufacturing and tourism.

Session Details

Big Brexit Lunch - Panellist

Clive Emson Building: 12.30pm - 2.00pm

Business owners, managers and leaders from across Kent and the South East will come together to join the debate with an expert interactive panel as they discuss the opportunities and threats Brexit presents.  Focusing on the current Brexit issues but most likely covering Labour Force and Skills issues as well as Customs, Border controls and Infrastructure concerns.

Whatever sector you consider – Services, Agriculture, Hospitality, Manufacturing or the Digital Economy – it’s clear that exit from the EU will have a significant effect. Businesses need to plan with the best information they can access, or they risk missed opportunities, disruption or worse. To help inform that planning, we have brought together a panel of experts with a wealth of experience and a broad range of perspectives.

For the second year this event aims to help the Kent business community learn practical steps to help them thrive in a post-Brexit world, plan for the future and be ready to exploit the bigger opportunities in the months and years to come.

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