Bruce Kidd

Sales & Marketing Director, o-a-sys

Bruce Kidd is one of 4 Directors within Operational Accounting Systems Limited and focuses primarily on the Sales and Marketing department. As the Sales and Marketing Director he is dedicated to supplying integrated business solutions to a variety of industries each with unique business requirements. 

With over 25 years’ experience in the field of accounting, sales and system processes, Bruce is able to understand unique business processes and work closely with clients in consulting different paths available for making one of the biggest changes to a business but ensuring it runs smoothly and creates benefits for the future of the business. 


Session Details

ROUNDTABLE: Have Integrated Software Solutions Just Become a Pipedream?

Roundtable Room - John Hendry Hall: 12.00pm - 12.30pm

Are you still frustrated by having to enter the same data in multiple places? Do you know how much time it wastes? Or how often it results in avoidable errors?

For the last 25 years, large organisations have been striving to integrate their IT systems with their core business processes – but often at huge cost and with limited success. The task sounds like it would be far simpler for SMEs but, in reality, truly seamless integration still represents a major challenge for every size of company.

This interactive discussion will ask participants what progress they have made towards the nirvana of single-entry processing and encourage the group to share practical hints and tips on what does and doesn’t work.

Benefits of attending the session:

  • Opportunity to discuss current barriers within your processes and interactively see how other businesses are managing similar restrictions
  • Discussions on different deployment methods whether it be in the cloud, hosted or on-premise and how it can have an impact on software integration
  • See how you can phase an integrated solution into your company with the ability to grow the software with your business, reducing the initial capital outlay.

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